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Submitted on
December 17, 2013


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Among Humanity, there are no heroes.

For when you meet a 'hero' in the flesh, you find they are just as easily pierced as yourself.

Our heroes are flawed.

They bleed, they get angry, they make mistakes--just like you.

They are no more inherently good than the next person on the street.

We hold them up as gods and we dash them to the dust when they can no longer meet our ridiculous expectations.

We abuse them when they show the slightest crack. We abandon them when they fall--how could they DO that to us!

After all the good they've pretended to do, it turns out they're just a sham, a lie; they lied to us!

They were supposed to save us. What good is a hero who breaks?

A good hero can do no wrong. A good hero is strong!

There are no heroes, darling.

There are no heroes--and there are no villains.

But of course there are villains--for what is a hero without an enemy to fight?

Why, I could name half a dozen villains myself, right now. I could.

But our villains are flawed, too.

They feel pain, and love, and regret, and they bleed just like you.

They are no more inherently evil than the next person on the street.

We fear them as if they were demons and we scream at them that they are nothing more than what we say--

They are bastards and liars and thieves and they will NEVER amount to anything more than destruction.

Barely human. Not at all like the rest of us. Not at all.

What is a villain to do, when that is the only option they are given?

Good is good, evil is evil--that's the way it is, right?

Except there ARE NO VILLAINS, my dear.

There are only choices.

Every single one of us contains everything required to create and to destroy, to uplift and to tear down.

We can show love and we can show hate just as equally.

We can be selfless and selfish, we can save someone in one moment and we can abandon them when we get tired.

You, and everyone around you, are only made up of the decisions you make from one moment to the next.

It is never too late to make a better decision than the ones you've made before.

Start now; start small. Start with having grace for another's mistakes.

Start with compassion. Start with listening--start with casting pre-made judgements away.

Do not wait for heroes.

Do not culture villains.

You are Humanity itself. The future is yours to create.