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Since June, I have been able to get a replacement laptop and have also replaced *most* of everything else that was stolen. I am getting back into the swing of photography and stuff and as you may have noticed, I've gotten a few new things up. I am glad to be back and slowly improving. :D
So my house got broken into and my laptop, wallet and Wii (with games) stolen. All the pictures I have taken over the last year-ish are gone. Anything that is not here on DA--gone. Kicking myself so much for not backing things up more often. I'm posting from my husband's desktop, which was too large to be stolen.

Also, I'd like to kick the thief. In the...nose. Yes.

*head desk*
Hey. I may be sneaking back into DA. I have a better camera than I did before, and the weather is turning nicer by the day...yup. I betcha this spring/summer's gonna be awesome. :D
Holy crap, I've let messages pile up...I've got 96 activity messages, 53 comments and 7,111 deviations, not counting the rest. o_o I'm trying to get through and answer everything...I have read them all, though! And you guys are awesome! :D
I miss Jen. I wish I could have done something. I wish I was a better friend to her when I had the chance. I wish she was still alive. Most of all...I wish she was happy...
I sat waiting for the bus, holding the leftover falafel from my new job that the boss said I could take home...two day old falafel's not amazing, so I was absentmindedly poking one through the saran wrap when I heard yelling coming from down the block. I glance up and see a mother and daughter...the little girl was about 8, I think, and had pigtails and a pink backpack. The mother wore a mini skirt, carried a cigarrette that she puffed on between screams, and walked at least ten feet ahead of the little girl, not even looking to see if she was behind her. As they got up to the bus stop the mother was screaming about the girl's bad attitude--I didn't want to stare, so I looked away. After a moment I heard a voice near my elbow--"Hey, what are those? Can I have one?" I looked down to see the little girl eying the falafels on my plate. I was trying to come up with some sort of response--the falafels were cold and needed to be warmed again before they'd have any taste--when suddenly the girl was yanked back out of my vision. "NO YOU CANNOT HAVE ONE OF THOSE! YOU NEED TO LEARN THAT YOU CAN'T JUST HAVE EVERYTHING YOU WANT!" The mother screamed, as she pulled the girl back by the collar, nearly knocking her off her feet. "But I'm hungry." No attitude, no malice, no anger, no whining, no nothing. Just a small little girl voice stating a fact. More screaming ensued as the bus pulled up and the crowd of people around us began to surge onto the bus. Several thoughts flashed through my mind--offering the whole plate to both of them and smacking the mother silly being the top two. I did neither. I looked away, boarded the bus, found a seat, and said nothing. The mother and daughter got on...or should I say, the mother dragged the girl on by her arm, and the screaming ceased, though the scolding and pure disgust on the mother's part continued. The girl never even flinched. We got off at the terminal, and I watched them go...the mother ten feet ahead again, creepy people everywhere, not even checking to see if her daughter followed. They reached the spot to get on the next bus, which happened to be the one I needed to take, so I sat on the bench. The woman spotted me, gave me a dirty look, yelled "COME ON!" to the girl, and marched down the street in the other direction. The girl followed a little slower, and stopped once to spin around a light pole before continuing on, pigtails waving lightly.

I cried when I got home.
Happy birthday to me! :D
I'm on a road trip! :D We've been gone for two days thus far and are having a blast hanging out in Winnipeg with our good friend Sarah...tomorrow we head to the States to see my Aunt and then on to my best friend's wedding. I'm STOKED!
Woo! So I suck at illustrating comics, but I often have situations that I wish I could make comics out of...I just found this site called Bitstrip, where I can either use their art or make my own in minutes, so therefore, I AM A COMIC AUTHOR! Here's my first strip! :D (based on an actual conversation.)…
Shane's uncle had tickets to the Fleetwood Mac concert and suddenly couldn't use them, so he asked if we wanted them an hour and a half before the show. Obviously, we said yes. :p The show was pretty fantastic, but there was a group of six very annoying, drunk, high-as-a-kite (God, they reeked) loudmouth teenage noobs sitting in front of us. Although, I shouldn't say sitting, since they kept getting up, moving, switching places, almost falling down the stairs, spilling their drinks...and talking. I don't think they even heard the music. Someone in front of 'em finally told them to shut up, and one of the girls got pissed and cussed at her. XD One of the guys kept moving his head right in front of my camera...I thought it was on accident until he started turning to look at me and laugh while he did it. I nearly smacked him. ANYWAY. I got a few decent shots, which will be uploaded soon...YAY for pics of Fleetwood Mac, not noobs! :D
The wedding shoot went...interestingly...The bride was gorgeous, but the location could have used some help. It's really difficult to get a great photo with an ugly as hell backround. >_<

Went to Video Games Live! last night...funnest time I've had in a long while. ^_^

I'm still feeling kinda stuck with my photography and what-not...things are just starting to turn green outside though, so I'm sure the warm weather will help me out soon. :D

Also, it would be cool to hang out with people who actually WANT to hang out with Shane and I. It'd be really nice to not get the cold shoulder so much. o_O
This summer promises to be an epic one...

May: Wedding to photograph! My very first...I'm excited and nervous.

June: We're moving into our own place for the first time!! Also, my dad is coming for a visit. Woo!

July: Road trip to Missouri for the wedding of two very good friends of mine (including my bestest friend in the whole wide world!) AND I get to be her maid of Honor! Woo!
I'm also the photographer for her wedding, with a whole lotta help from Shane for the shots that I need to be in. ^_^ On the way down, we're swinging over to Winnipeg to hang out with our awesome friend Sarah. :D 10 days of awesomeness!

August: My birthday, followed by ANOTHER wedding to shoot. This one's a beach theme and we're taking pics down by the river.

*squee!*  Hurry up, Summer!
I has an external flash!!!

I got it off Ebay and am definitely looking forward to learning how to use it in the best ways possible...*squee!* I'm moving forward, my friends. It's only taken me what...4 years to get this far? >_>

Oh, oh! And I'm in the process of making a couple of softboxes; one of which I used for the picture I just posted called 'When I said I do'. go check it out! :D
I want to create something that will last forever

Something that will stir emotion

Something that will make someone stop whatever they're doing and just...


I want to change the world, still, even now

All I have are my own two hands

I don't have money

I don't have charm

I only have crayons and coloured pencils and a camera.

I only have these lungs to breathe; to speak

I only have these thoughts, these silly, inadequate thoughts

These half-formed thoughts to think...

I only have...I...I don't have anything else to change the world...

All I have is...


And that is not enough.
I've been hired to shoot a small wedding in May.

I have only gone twice to volunteer to help teach English to new immigrants to Canada, but I already love the class I'm involved with. They are all such awesome people. :D They are determined; when something is hard, they don't give up. Mistakes are met with laughter, but it's not mean. They are just happy. ^_^

Today, the teacher was trying to teach them how to make a reservation at a restaurant. She said "If you want to take someone out to a fancy restaurant for Valentine's Day, but you know it will be busy, what do you do?" Hamid piped up from the back and said "Order pizza!"


I'm really glad I was able to get involved with this. ^_^
I met with the photographer...his name is Bill. We got so engrossed in conversation that we didn't even realize how late it got...I called Shane to come get me about 3 hours after I arrived. He said he thinks I have the artistic end of photography down, and he likes where I'm going with it. However, I don't really have the people thing yet. I it's not likely that I'll be a second shooter for weddings or anything any time soon.

He -did- say that he needs a regular assistant as well; someone to haul around lights and guard equipment and stuff. I told him I'd love to do that, as I'll still be in the environment and learning (without the pressure!), so I'm pretty sure he's going to keep me on file for that. If nothing else, I made a photography friend, and had a fun afternoon hanging out with him. ^_^

I also volunteered to help with an esl (English as a Second Language) program, going for the first time yesterday. There's people from Ethiopia, China, Ukraine, Colombia, Thailand, and Burma...among other places. They laughed when I told them I'm an immigrant too. :P I loved it, and I'll be going every Monday. :D

Oh, oh, and I got tagged by :iconsapphirewarrior:.

1. Post these rules.
2. Each tagged person must post 8 things about their self on their journal.
3. At the end, you have to choose and tag 8 people and post their icons on the same journal.
4. Go to their pages and send a message saying you tagged them.
5. No tag-backs.

3. I can read, write and speak some Hebrew.
6. I am an imperfect Christian.
2. I hate cooked carrots.
1. I like people, and find people who do not like me back to be a fun challenge. *grin*
8. I used to read in the shower. (How, you ask? Very, very carefully.)
5. I am both horrified of and terribly fascinated by spiders.
7. I collect pieces of broken coloured glass.
4. It annoys me when spellcheckers claim that my name is misspelled.

I one and everyone! Mwahahaha.
So I am meeting with a professional photographer on Tuesday to talk about kinda being his apprentice and being the second shooter for weddings and stuff like that. He asked me to bring him my portfolio...I've never put one together before, and now that I'm trying to, I feel like I have nothing at all. Pictures I've always liked now seem horrible...I have nothing that looks "professional" in any way, shape or form. I feel kind of sick. >_<
I was excited about this at first, but now I only feel apprehensive...what if he throws what I love doing back in my face? What if...I'm not good enough?

Yeah, that sounds about right. I am "Directionally Challenged."

Yesterday, I went to meet with my friend Tatianna and a model to do a fashion shoot. Tatianna makes awesome clothing...check out the pics! Now, I was supposed to meet them at the Mendel Art Gallery at 10 am--they have a conservatory there that we thought would be great for pics. I don't normally even get out of bed until 10 or 10:30, but I thought "Hey, I can make it fine. It wouldn't hurt to get up somewhat early for a change, right?"


I got up with my husband, got dressed, packed my tripod, camera, and extra batteries and was all ready to go by 8:30. The plan was to take the bus, go through the University, across the bridge, and stopped a few blocks from the gallery and walk the rest of the way...I wasn't sure how long it'd take, and I was all hyped up, so I left at 8:35.
   I stood at the bus stop alone for a few minutes, until another girl came out to join me. Then a guy...and another girl..and three more guys, followed by another girl and a couple. I was talking with the first girl that had arrived after me, so when the bus came up, I didn't even glance at it; I just got on, and we went on our merry way. The bus went through the University grounds, like it always does...the roads wind all over the place, so when it stopped, I had no idea where we were.
   The bus emptied and the driver gave me a funny look. "This is the University bus; if you want to go any further, you'll have to take the number 4 that comes in behind me." "Oh! I thought I was on the 4!" I replied. I thanked him and got off. Three buses later, the 4 came in. I got on and thought I was perfectly fine from there on out, so I settled back and didn't bother keeping track of where we were.
    We wound through the campus some more, until another passenger piped up and said "This bus isn't going downtown, is it?" The driver gave him an annoyed look and said "No, we're going in the opposite direction. You need to take the other number 4." Augh! he stopped the bus right in the middle of the road so we could get off.
  We were left standing there, and the guy asked me how long until the next bus. I said I didn't know. I remembered that Shane had said something about walking to the gallery from the University, so I asked the guy where the bridge was. He pointed me in the right direction, but warned me that it was pretty far off...I said I'd better get walking then, and took off.
  I walked...and walked...and walked...and realized I wasn't sure if I was even heading in the right direction anymore. I spotted a security guard and asked him where the bridge was. "Oh, it's right over there, just go around this building here." Excellent! I knew where I was going. Right?
  I got around the construction zone that was suddenly in my path, and low and behold, there was the exit. I swear I saw little angels flying around the University sign. Certainly the University bridge would be straight out of the exit, so I crossed the street with a spring in my step. I walked some more, sure that it was just beyond the tree line. It wasn't.
  I looked up at the street sign and read "Wiggins Ave." That didn't quite sound right, so I realized I must have gone in the wrong direction. I backtracked to the crosswalk and asked a woman at the corner "Is the University bridge this way (pointing down Wiggins) or this way? (pointing up the street) She gave me a weird look--that seemed to be the order of the day from people--and pointed DOWN the street. "It's...that way." "Oh. Thank you."
  I walked in the direction she pointed and finally came to the bridge. Hurrah! I knew my way from there, so I was set. Well, after I slipped on the icy bridge and fell on my knees. Really, though, it was laughable...I was a short walk from the gallery and everything would be fine. I looked at the beautiful river and even had a hint of a smile on my face as I finally reached my destination and went inside. I asked the receptionist what time it was and she answered "9:48". After all that, I was still early! :D
  I went into the conservatory and turned on my camera to adjust the for the lighting and everything...and stared at the screen in amazement. Very simply, at the top, it read "No Memory Card."


"THIS IS WHY I DON'T GET UP UNTIL 10:30!!" I wanted to scream.

Thankfully, though, that was the last of my bad day. Tatianna and her friend arrived, and they had both brought memory cards. I told them what happened and Tatianna gave me a hug. Her friend had brought her baby daughter, and it's REALLY hard to feel upset with a face like that smiling up at you. The shoot went splendidly and afterward we had chai lattes and scones and explored the awesome exhibits. Oh, and they gave me a ride home so I didn't have to take the bus. ^_^ Hurrah!

The end.

My...sub ran out. O_O I didn't even notice I was getting close. :( Ah well.